We know you are busy, and we’ve taken steps to help save you time by offering a new Tax Information Authorization service. This service allows us to receive direct electronic and written communication from the IRS on any notifications regarding your account. This allows us to proactively address the issue in a timely manner. In some cases, we can have the issue addressed and resolved before you receive the written communication from the IRS.

To sign up for this service, you will need to complete an IRS Form 8821. This form authorizes us to receive confidential information directly from the IRS. This form works for individuals, corporations, firms, organizations and partnerships. We will send you the 8821 form pre-completed with your information and the appropriate fields completed. You simply need to review it, sign (printed or electronically) and upload it to your secure portal.

Form 8821 doesn’t authorize us to speak on your behalf; to execute a request to allow disclosure of return or return information to another third party; to advocate your position regarding federal tax laws; to execute waivers, consents, closing agreements; or represent you in any other manner before the IRS. It simply allows us to receive electronic and written notifications on any IRS situation effecting you.

The $100 annual fee for this service will be added to your tax return invoice.