Do you or your business need IRS debt relief?

Owing the IRS can be overwhelming and worrisome, but you and your business are not alone; millions of taxpayers owe the IRS billions in taxes, and that number is only expected to grow. Don’t let your letters, forms, and collection notices stack up. At Souder Scenna, we are dedicated to helping businesses and taxpayers resolve their tax liabilities with the IRS. Our team of professional Enrolled Agents are dedicated to finding the perfect tax resolution for you, ensuring you can settle for far less than what you owe.

Fred Scenna is the co-founder and chief officer of Souder Scenna Accounting in Limerick, Pennsylvania.  He is a CMA and Enrolled Agent who specializes in business entrepreneurship and financial management analysis, and has a designation as a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute (NAEA). With over twenty years of operational and financial management experience, and having worked for Fortune 500 Hundred Companies and mom-and-pop shops alike, Fred has become an expert in detecting the costly inefficiencies that hold businesses back – and the profit-increasing solutions that move them forward.

Unfiled Payroll Tax

Have unfiled Payroll Taxes accumulated to thousands of dollars in debts?

Back Taxes

Are you self-employed and have not been paying your quarterly taxes?

Unfiled Tax Returns

Have you put off filing returns? Do you now have years of unfiled returns?

IRS Liens

Do you have tax liens from the IRS that are weighing you or your business down?

Unfiled Payroll Taxes

The IRS requires small business owners to submit payroll tax deposits. They are crucial to the IRS because they eventually make up your employees’ federal income taxes. The longer you neglect to submit these deposits, the more debt you will incur. At Souder Scenna, we understand that certain circumstances make it impossible to submit these deposits on time—or even at all. If you are unable to meet your payroll tax deposits, due to cash-flow issues or other circumstances, keep in mind that you are not alone. Millions of business owners owe the IRS billions in taxes.

How Could We Help?

Our skilled Enrolled Agents have years of experience dealing directly with the IRS. They understand exactly how to handle situations like this, and are here to take the burden off your shoulders.

IRS Back Taxes Issues

Failing to pay the IRS can result in incurred dept that eventually becomes unmanageable. Unfortunately, this is an issue that millions of Americans face. There are dozens of circumstances that result in IRS Back Taxes, such as financial hardship or improper calculations when filing your most recent tax return. As common as these mistakes are, mistakes made regarding the IRS and your tax return have serious, life-changing consequences.

What Should You Do?

The first step to dealing with the IRS is to quickly attempt to resolve it. If your efforts have been futile, the next best thing to do is to contact professionals. Our skilled Enrolled Agents have years of experience dealing directly with the IRS. They understand exactly how to handle situations like this, and are here to take the burden off your shoulders.

Unfiled Tax Returns

We understand how horrible it can feel to realize you have forgotten to submit a return — or have forgotten for years. The feeling of dread that follows can be debilitating. What are the consequences? How severe are they? Well, the longer you wait to resolve this issue the more you will owe in the end, as the IRS will continue to increase the amount of your debt.

Don’t Worry Anymore

Don’t let your worries stop you from taking steps towards debt resolution. Hiring an experienced agency with skilled Enrolled Agents will make the process smoother and less stressful in the long run. Our agents fully understand how the system works, helping to secure agreements that will benefit you and satisfy the IRS.

Reclaim Your IRS Tax Liens

Image having your property, such as a family home, no longer belong to you. This is more common than you think. When you fail to meet your payments to the IRS, and fail to find a resolution that will appease the IRS, you will fall victim to Tax Liens. When you have incurred large amounts of debt that you can no longer pay back, the government, by law, will place a lien upon your property.

What to Do

Our agents are highly skilled and have worked closely with the IRS for years. They understand the system, and how to properly navigate tax liens or other IRS debt issues.