Why Choose
Souder Scenna?

Good financial operations are the gateway to a more successful business.

Souder Scenna and Associates can bring financial health to growing organizations. Prompt attention, accuracy, and open communication are the cornerstones to every business relationship we undertake. When sound and strategic financial solutions are required, industries and businesses in the Delaware Valley regularly trust Souder Scenna as an outside partner. Souder Scenna Accounting is the convenient corporate accounting solution businesses prefer.

Souder Scenna Accounting

Partnering For Continuity

Souder Scenna and Associates is a Delaware Valley-based Tax Preparation and Accounting Solutions Firm. We understand the financial needs and nuances that a business owner encounters when starting a new company, as well as the complex decisions a Controller, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or Accounting Manager makes on a daily basis. Unlike larger impersonal firms, think of Souder Scenna as your partner who specifically addresses your in-depth financial and business issues with the right solutions.

Leverage Your Resources

Leverage your limited resources by filling positions on an as-needed basis. During short-term or long-term periods of change due to unforeseeable interruptions or lack of experienced personnel, Souder Scenna and Associates can act as your utility player when a project needs immediate attention. Our services are of particular value when in the midst of everyday operations, you are in need of additional financial support. Permanent part-time assistance can help your company complete critical tasks while allowing your in-house accounting department to maintain productivity.


Souder Scenna and Associates works alongside you by teaming a part-time Souder Scenna Financial Manager with members of your senior management team. Account Insources management activities may include accounting functions, financial analysis, and any traditional Controller activities.

Strengthening The Financial Focus

Corporations share many similarities, and yet each one is as unique as its owners. During intense periods of growth and sweeping changes, rely on Souder Scenna to better assess and monitor your company’s overall financial position by maintaining a rolling, planning, and budgetary process. Don’t jeopardize business continuity because of lack of resources. For any accounting problem, Souder Scenna and Associates develops easily manageable solutions that enable a company to focus on their primary business activity. We can bring financial health to your organization.

Cut The Overhead

Need to reduce costly manpower to improve your bottom line? Souder Scenna and Associates provides the necessary expertise when a Controller isn’t affordable or is temporarily absent. Our Financial Manager can step in and fill the gap on an as-needed or a permanent part-time basis without vast overhead.

Beyond Bookkeeping

Souder Scenna and Associates goes beyond simply handling a company’s bookkeeping responsibilities. We systematically organize and transform a company’s accounting and business information into a powerful and valuable management tool. Trust Souder Scenna Financial Managers to help you uncover hidden savings. We take the headache out of cumbersome details surrounding financial decisions. Our services enable you to stay focused on making sales and increasing profits.